About Aesthetika

Dr. Rebecca Castaneda

Dr. Rebecca Castaneda

University of California at San Francisco alumna Dr. Rebecca Castaneda garnered her specialized degree in 1988 in Prosthodontics, the dental specialty dealing with restoring and replacing teeth with an aesthetic touch. Since that time, Dr. Rebecca Castaneda has built a career that currently spans more than 20 years in her industry and a highly rated dental clinic in San Francisco. Before launching her career, Dr. Rebecca Castaneda trained as a dental resident with the City University of New York Mount Sinai School of Medicine.

Dr. Rebecca Castaneda obtained a Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Texas, Houston and a Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts from New Mexico State University. After finishing her education at UCSF, Dr. Rebecca Castaneda joined the staff of her alma mater as Assistant Clinical Professor.

After five years in this role, Dr. Rebecca Castaneda became Health Commissioner for the city and county of San Francisco, where she was responsible for managing hospitals, emergency medical services, and the health and well-being of all San Francisco residents. She currently serves as the Dental Advisor for Everest College in San Francisco.

Today, Dr. Rebecca Castaneda leads her private practice, Aesthetika Dental Center, as CEO and owner. Dr. Rebecca Castaneda has led Aesthetika to become one of the best clinics in the country, according to Details Magazine and In Style magazine. Dr. Rebecca Castaneda has been ranked the number one prosthodontic specialist, the number one implant restorative dentist, and the number one cosmetic dentist in the San Francisco Bay Area by DoctorOogle.com, the most trusted doctor review site in the country.

Aesthetika offers patients a wide range of services. Clients seeking a full smile makeover, from dental implants and jaw reconstruction to teeth whitening and Invisalign all look to Aesthetika for reliable, high quality treatments. Dr. Rebecca Castaneda has combined her experienced staff and technologically advanced methods with a holistic atmosphere that ensures a relaxing experience for every patient.

As part of the AesthetiCare Network, Aesthetika upholds a high standard of attention to each client’s mind and body alike and offers referrals to various health care providers that maintain equal levels of quality. In addition to prosthodontics, Aesthetika offers orthodontics, dentures, crowns, metal free implant bridges, porcelain veneers, and inlays. Visit www.aesthetika.net to discover more about Aesthetika and Dr. Rebecca Castaneda.


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