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July 5, 2011 Comments Off on Dental Spas

In the past several years, doctors across the country have started opening medical spas, which often feature dermatological treatments. Not far behind, dentists and tooth-care professionals have begun creating dental spas.

In contrast to a stereotypical, stuffy dentist’s office lacking comfort or warmth, today’s dental spas feature a variety of services that go beyond traditional tooth care. In San Francisco, residents can visit Aesthetika, ranked as one of the top dental spas in America by Details Magazine and owned by Dr. Rebecca Castaneda. Aesthetika offers dental treatments including teeth whitening through BriteSmile; reconstructive services, such as adding crowns, dentures, and bridges; lasers for periodontal therapy; and routine dental services.

Many of today’s tooth-care spas enhance a trip to the dentist with non-dental offerings, such as reflexology, paraffin hand treatments, music on headphones, aromatherapy, and massage. For added comfort, some clinics provide fleece blankets and neck pillows. A dental spa team may also offer entertainment options to patients, ranging from flat-screen televisions to goggles to watch videos. Like a regular dentist’s office, a dental spa may feature televisions mounted above the client treatment chairs, and patients may select programming to watch.

The most comprehensive dental spas assist clients with daily tasks, such as arranging for dinner reservations and limousine transportation to and from the facilities. They may provide babysitting or pet-care services and give patients luxury takeaways, such as beautiful flowers or a bottle of wine.

Aside from the visible advantages of dental spas, they serve a useful purpose to dental-care providers. Patients who partake in the relaxation services and techniques improve their quality of care by reducing the likelihood of accidents or injuries. In addition, some people who avoid visiting the dentist because of anxiety can become more comfortable with the dental experience by seeking out a dental office with spa services. Relaxation techniques serve as a medicine-free alternative to stress, anxiety, and phobias. The American Dental Association supports dental spas for these reasons, as well as the fact that these facilities reduce anxiety levels and pose less risk to patients with heart conditions. For more information about Dr. Castaneda and the dental spa Aesthetika, visit


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