An Overview of Adult Orthodontic Treatment Presented by Aesthetika Dental Center

January 15, 2012 Comments Off on An Overview of Adult Orthodontic Treatment Presented by Aesthetika Dental Center

Just as it is never too late to develop good oral hygiene, it is never too late to consider receiving orthodontic treatment. Many adults did not have orthodontic work done as a child for financial reasons or simply because the technology of the time was not capable of fixing their specific dental problem. Luckily for these individuals, many advances in orthodontic technology have been achieved in the past 40 years.

Adults with misaligned teeth should consider orthodontic work for several reasons. Aside from problems relating to the teeth and gums, crooked teeth can sometimes cause indigestion. Individuals with crooked teeth also often feel self-conscious of their teeth and smile.

Today, at least one-fourth of all orthodontic treatments are performed on adult patients. There is no age limit regarding who can get braces, and more and more adults are deciding that they want a smile they can be proud of. In addition to aesthetic considerations, there are many other benefits as well. Straight teeth are easier to keep clean and healthy, and are less likely to be broken in a fall or other accident.

For patients who are uncomfortable with the appearance or difficulties associated with metal braces, Dr. Rebecca Castaneda of Aesthetika Dental Center offers clear Invisalign braces, which are proven to straighten teeth quickly without the hassle of metal braces. Treatment takes anywhere from two to 24 months to complete, depending on the patient and the condition of their teeth.

For more information on adult orthodontic options, or to schedule an appointment at Aesthetika Dental Center with Dr. Rebecca Castaneda, visit or call (415) 986-1616 now for an appointment.


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